Citrus County Obituary Index

Back in November of 2007, I started to index the daily obituaries in the Citrus County Chronicle. This webpage is the result of my efforts.

Citrus County Chronicle Obituary Index Files

   11-01-2007 through 12-31-2007
   01-01-2008 through 12-31-2008
   01-01-2009 through 12-31-2009
   01-01-2010 through 12-31-2010
   01-01-2011 through 12-31-2011
   01-01-2012 through 12-31-2012
   01-01-2013 through 12-31-2013
   01-01-2014 through 12-31-2014
   01-01-2015 through 12-31-2015
   01-01-2016 through 12-31-2016

Column Headings in Obituary Files

   Column 1: Date the obituary was printed in the Citrus County Chronicle
   Column 2: Last name
   Column 3: First name
   Column 4: Middle name or initial
   Column 5: Age at death
   Column 6: Date of death
   Column 7: Location of death
   Column 8: State of death

Current Citrus County Chronicle Holdings

Citrus County Historical Society – Print holdings (Per Kathy Turner Thompson)
    1908 – 1921 (coverage is spotty)
    1921 – 1975 (full run in print)

Lakes Region Library in Inverness, FL  – Microfilm holdings
    1939 – 1941
    Jan – Feb 1945
    Nov 9, 1945 – Dec 21, 1945
    1946 – 2004 (Feb 2004 missing)

Citrus County Chronicle – Print holdings
    Up to the late 1980’s (very spotty)
    Late 1980’s to present (bound)

University of Florida Digital Historical Newspapers

(Years include: 1963 (incomplete) and 2005 through current)

E-Editions of Citrus County Chronicle

(Subscription required for online access)

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